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Life started in Tallahassee, Florida but luckily I got a lot of time in Florence, Italy when my mother (see photo) started a study center there for F.S.U.  She was a professor for 51 years (yeah, 51!)  Professional pursuits have me living in Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, New York and back to Houston. That is where I'm planted right now and you know the adage: Bloom where you are planted!

I have a lot of education and am even am about midway through obtaining an LLM from the University of Houston Law School in Intellectual Property and Internet Law.  I am so fortunate, this is one of the best IP programs ever, the professors are amazing, and I'm learning so much I need a second hard drive in my brain right now.  This is my passion, and while I've practiced other law and loved it in the past 27 plus yrs, it is terrific to be involved in an area that warps with technology changes daily.

Writing, reading, research, being with family and friends, these are the joys of my life, and each day brings a new adventure.

This is my  mother, Dr. Azzurra Brombin. She was a professor of languages at FSU for 51 years.  This shows her in her thirties in Italy.  She had two doctorates, one from the University of Florence, and one from the University of Berkeley, California.  My Dad was a huge animal lover (hence our 4 furr kids).   They met in WWII, he was in the Army and she, a native of Modena, was in Florence at the time.  
Che buono!
In September of 2009 my short story JADEAD was published in the Anthology "A Box of Texas Chocolates; (L&L Dreamspell, Publishers)  This is a fun group and I'm planning a mystery series with the lovely Camellia and her irritating family.

The Case of the Sad Flag, A German Shepherd 9/11 Mystery
is available on Kindle and I have other GSD mysteries that will be published this summer (when I'm out of classes)

I have a few WIPs but right now am researching one that has a techno base (ok what else would a geek like me do, really?) 

I live with my wonderful husband Monty McAvoy, two rescue German Shepherds, Phantom (6 yr old blue) and Gemma (2 1/2).  We have two cats, Gypsy Rose Lee that we found at Lowe's, and Florence of Arabia that came from a friend/ aka Flozilla when she bites!  

I have great friends and a full and happy life. Besides the Houston YAMG I am a member of RWA, SCBWI, and Sisters in Crime.  With school, working, and a few other things, I don't have a lot of extra time but then again, life is for living.  ENJOY!
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